Friends of Muntz Park
And Selly Park Rec.

Selly Oak, Birmingham

We hold several work parties each year to plant trees, do light pruning, litter pick and maintain the shrub beds. Get in touch if you want to join our e-mail list.

December 2005 Work-party
This time round we had twelve volunteers and planted about 30 small native trees, a few hundred daffodil bulbs and cut down mountains of laurel. The trees are: wild cherry, ash, birch, oak, and beech.

Thanks everyone who helped, see you next time.

October 2005 Work-party
Eleven volunteers helped our ranger to build a 2nd set of log steps. Starting from the bottom we dug a furrow for each log then drove two stakes in behind, securing each log to the stakes with nails. Then levelled and compacted the soil on each step. There was space for 14 steps altogether.

August 2005 Work-party
Over two days we collected rubbish, cut down more laurel, built some log steps in one corner of the dell to improve access and did a wildlife survey.

February 2005 Work-party
This time we had around 20 volunteers. We did the same as before with clearing rubbish. There was a lot less rubbish than last time.

Also this time we were able to borrow a chipper so we could cut back most of the laurel bushes and shred them. This won't actually kill the laurel. But we can't remove the roots as they are the only things holding the bank together at the moment. It has made the area much more open and so we are hoping that park users will feel safer in this part of the park.

The top of two of our benches in the play area have been missing for months. They were replaced just the week before this event. Don't they look lovely!

October 2004 Litter Pick
Our first event was a litter pick. The weather forecast was terrible but 21 people still turned out to help. It was a good mixture of local residents and families from Raddlebarn Primary School which shares a boundary with Muntz Park. We filled two drop-side pickups with rubbish, lumps of old tarmac and branches.

The torrential rain didn't manage to dampen our spirits. One of the kids said "It's the best thing we've done all weekend". We even had time for a little hide and seek!

The wall in the background is owned by the Oakdale Centre and was, until the day before covered in graffiti. But after a nudge in the right direction it has been cleaned up.

Then on the 7th of October we cut back some laurel to increase visibility.

This is the boundary wall with Raddlebarn Primary School. On the 15th of October and 4th November we removed some graffiti and multi-layer gloss paint using environmentally friendly graffiti, paint & varnish removal products. We just sprayed or brushed it on left it for a while then removed it with a sponge, wire brush and water.

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