Friends of Muntz Park
And Selly Park Rec.

Selly Oak, Birmingham

Minutes 09/10/06

Present: Sue George, Joanna Randle, Stella Price, Chris Hammal, Chris Rance, Laurence George, Gil Butler, David Williams, Mac Robertson, Helen Rees, Marek Waliszewski, Darren Parkin.

Apologies: Liz and Alan Duxbury.

Since the last meeting...

  • There is now a new River Valley Ranger called Emerson Howells.
  • Joanna has been on a training course organised by BCC to take part in a pilot park assessment scheme called the CAT (comprehensive assessment tool).
Muntz Park
  • Have now paid for the new benches and bins. Have asked for the badly scratched picnic bench to be repainted.
  • The damaged Ash tree still has not been felled and so the trip rail cannot be fixed yet. Some extra bits of trip rail will be added near the play area to protect the grass. The trees that were snapped off should be replaced this year. But the ones that look dead will be left to see if they recover.
  • We are still having a problem with mouldy bread being left in the park. Have not got any signs yet.
  • Raddlebarn School are going to run a competition to design the new play area sign next term.
  • New Goal posts have been installed and are being well used.
  • We will shortly be having a new tarmac path next to the substation on Gristhorpe Road and also have the old tarmac path behind the dell re-laid to join Umberslade Road to the loop path.
Selly Park Rec.
  • We can change the name of the park, in fact the parks dept. would like us to as there is confusion over Selly Park Rec., Selly Oak Park, Bournbrook Playing Field, Pebble Mill Playing Field and Holders Lane Playing Field. There was strong opposition to a change of name by a local resident. It was suggested that a consultation could be done as a way of engaging local people and vote on a possible change of name. Then have signs made to advertise the parks name.
  • It was suggested that we would have a traverse climbing wall near the play area.
  • There is a problem with people practicing golf and also with cars driving onto the grass from Selly Ave during football matches.
  • We feel that the rec will need four notice boards and would benefit from bulbs planted near the entrances.
  • Some students have asked for a barbecue area. I have passed this request on the Parks Manager. I have made visited St Mary's Hospice, St Edward's School, leafleted 100 houses and put posters in the park to advertise this meeting and the AGM.
  • green picnic benchBBC's Doctors programme filmed in Muntz Park during September. They have paid a fee to use the park but the money is paid centrally. We are attempting to have the money spent on Muntz Park.
  • We have around £4000 to spend on benches and bins in the Rec. We have chosen green metal picnic benches on hard standing and red metal dog bins as in Muntz Park and green and black metal litter bins.
Grants - We can apply to two B:cen Real Time Change schemes in Nov/Dec.
  • metal litter binBirmingham Open Spaces Forum - have money for any activity that could potentially increase membership. So we could ask for notice boards, leaflets, refreshments for volunteers, equipment for work parties.
  • Bournbrook Community Safety Project - have money to help communities green up the area. So we could ask for bulbs, trees, refreshments for volunteers, equipment for work parties. We can also apply separately for each park.

Our next AGM will be on Tuesday 16th January 2007 8pm at 118 Gristhorpe Road.

Minutes 11/07/06

Present: Gil Butler, Sue George, Joanna Randle, David Williams, John Churchill, Chris Rance, Laurence George, Rob Spencer, Darren Parkin.

Apologies: Sam Pote, Chris Hammal.

1. Went over what has been achieved since the last meeting.

  • Benches, bins, history board and playarea have been installed.
  • Held a birthday picnic on Friday 19th May and the Deputy Lord Mayor of Birmingham Councillor Mike Nangle opened the playarea.
  • The ranger that supervised our workparties left in May and has not been replaced yet.
  • Have bought more graffiti remover costing approx £40. It should last all summer.
  • A police officer for this area has been contacted and would like to attend one of our meetings but was unable to attend today.

2. The Selly Oak Ward Committee are wanting a farmers market in the ward and a group has been set up to look for suitable locations and work out logistical details. This group is looking to local residents to get involved.

At the first meeting of this group Selly Park Rec. was suggested as a suitable site. Ten Acres RA and Woodside Allotment Assoc. are supporting this proposal. It was agreed to support this location.

3. Priorities for Muntz Park.

  • Agreed to release the money to pay for the benches and bins. But need to arrange for the picnic bench tops to be painted annually each autumn. Need to find out what sort of paint to use.
  • The mature lime tree that was damaged by the play ground installation has not been felled yet. When it is we want to keep the trunk on site for seating.
  • The damaged trip rail by the playarea needs to be repaired and extended to the gate of the playarea to protect the grass.
  • A small tarmac path next to the substation on Gristhorpe Road to join the pavement to the loop path.
  • So far there are 4 small trees that have died which will need replacing. Talked about having hawthorn or hazel that if snapped off they re-grow as a bush. Also find out what are native midlands trees.
  • Have ordered a sigh from BCC to ask park users to stop leaving piles of mouldy bread for the birds.
  • Have a children's competition to design a new sign for the playarea.

4. As decided at our AGM we changed our constitution to include Selly Park Recreation Ground and discussed possible improvements that could be made over the next few years.

  • Look into changing the name of the site to Raddlebarn Park, Selly Hill Park, Selly Farm Park, etc.
  • Benches, bins, bulbs, trees, notice boards, upgrading play/sports facilities.
  • Agreed to apply for a grant of up to £10,000 to pay for a public consultation to find out what local people want and to gain new members, site/tree survey, planning a tree trail/long term tree management plan. Planting and after care of large species trees (just large enough that they can't be snapped).

5. Our next planned meeting will be our AGM on Tuesday 16th January 2007 8pm at 118 Gristhorpe Road.

Every Sunday at 2pm from now until September we will be doing a litter pick in the park. We will provide bin bags. Bring your own gloves and wear sensible footwear.

Minutes 17/01/06

Present: Sue George, Joanna Randle, Stella Price, Chris Hammal, John Churchill, Chris Rance, Laurence George, Rob Spencer, Gil Butler, Toby Horwood.

Apologies: Jane Spears, Roger and Margaret Moreton.

1. Went over what has been achieved since the last meeting.

  • Christmas tree recycling was a great success and we’ll ask to do the same next year.
  • Benches and bins should arrive next week and be installed shortly after. Residents at 1 Umberslade had no objections to a bin or path being sited near their house.
  • Hazel and hawthorn whips have been ordered but don’t know when they will arrive and we still have some daffodil bulbs to plant in the park. The damaged trees by the school have been replaced and we have two new elm trees. But another school tree has had the top snapped off and we’ll try to have it replaced.
  • The Raddlebarn Gates were opened by the Mayor on 9th January. All of the pupils went through the gate for the first time. The opening was also attended by parents, old pupils, local councillors and MP, members of the Muntz family, our ranger and park manager and the assistant director of parks and events.
  • One of the year 5 classes have now made bird boxes to be put in the park.
  • The historical interpretation board information is ready to go to the printers. The text for the brochures is also ready but we’re waiting for pictures of the new play area.
  • The consultation time is now over for the new play area and the supplier that has won the contract is Sutcliffe. We can have the majority of the equipment that we wanted but not the Unisteel multi-unit. Instead we are having the Sutcliffe multi-unit which is more inclusive.

2. AGM

  • Last years minutes were agreed.
  • Treasures Report: We opened our bank account in June 2005 with the Co-op bank. 18/07/05 grant of £1139.85 from BVSC / B:cen. 20/10/05 grant of £2497.00 from Biffaward. Payments out 18/10/05 £102.58 Selco (wood), 14/11/05 £19.99 Argos (laminator pouches), 17/01/06 £11.86 for printing. Balance at 13/01/06 £3517.95. Interest earned £3.68 (since 20/10/05 when account exceeded £2000).
  • The following people were elected; Chair : Joanna Randle, Secretary : Sue George, Treasurer : Chris Rance, Other Members : Rob Spencer, Chris Hammal, John Churchill, Gil Butler, Laurence George, Stella Price and Toby Horwood.

3. Future projects.

  • The parks birthday picnic will be on Friday 19th May at 3.30. If the play area is finished before that we’ll open it on the same day but in the morning. Hopefully with music played by Raddlebarn’s orchestra.
  • We may not have a ranger to support/advise us and supervise our work parties after the end of March. We felt that the work parties and other events that we hold are an essential part of this groups ethos and we will write a letter to our MP, etc. if necessary.
  • We are going to look into the possibility of starting a toy library (balls, skipping ropes, etc.). The toys would be brought out as often as possible to be used by any children in the park, free of charge. We would need to expect that the toys would get lost and broken.
  • We can apply for a £50 grant from CSV before June for tools and equipment to be used at our work parties.
  • There is a problem with piles of mouldy and stale bread being left on the grass to feed the birds. Have a poster written in different languages on the notice board.
  • The River Rea heritage trail is hoping to hold another event this summer but this time at Hazelwell Rec.
  • We would like to extend this group to cover Selly Park Rec. And will discuss changes to the constitution at the next meeting.

4. Our next AGM will be on Tuesday 16th January 2007 8pm at 118 Gristhorpe Road.

Minutes 23/11/05

Present: Sue George, Joanna Randle, Stella Price, Chris Hammal, David Williams, John Churchill, G Stamer, Chris Rance, Laurence George, Rob Spencer.

Apologies: Sam Pote, John Randle.

  1. Went over what has been achieved since the last meeting.
    • Benches and bins have been ordered.
    • We can have hazel and hawthorn whips to plant, BCC will pay not sure if they will arrive by the next work party.
    • We have 2500 daffodil bulbs to plant in the park, hopefully we will be able to organise for the school children to plant most of them. We will offer some of them to the new Ten Acres Residents Assoc. to plant round the new trees in Cherington Road.
    • The Section 106 money allocated to this park may be spent on a tarmac path near the electric substation joining Gristhorpe Road to the loop path.
    • There will be another meeting of local residents and Bournville councillors, trying to start a friends group for Hazelwell Rec.
  2. We looked at various play area equipment catalogues and quotes. After a long discussion decided which items would be the most suitable.
    • The majority of the equipment we like is from Hags, they do a range called Unisteel for the older kids. Cone Climber, Multi Pondo and Buddy swing.
    • Sutcliffe Todlerzone multi-unit and cycle roundabout.
    • Wickstead talking flowers and swings (only one double junior swings if having a buddy swing).
  3. A local resident came along to request that the trees in the park are inspected and pruned more regularly also that the leaves are removed from the ground quicker.
  4. Next work party is Saturday 3rd December 11-3 to plant native trees in the dell.
    Our next meeting will be the AGM on Tuesday 17th January 2006 8pm at 118 Gristhorpe Road.
    Friends of Cotteridge park have their Carols by Candlelight on Friday 16th December 6pm.

Minutes 02/11/05

Present: Rob Spencer, Chris Hammal, Sue George, Darren Parkin, Laurence George, Chris Mansell, Gilbert Butler, Margaret Moreton, Roger Moreton, Joanna Randle.

Apologies: Sam Pote, Chris Rance, John Randle, David Williams, Stella Price, Marek Waliszewski.

  1. Went over what has been achieved since the last meeting.
    • Centenary Picnic in May, Raddlebarn school children sang happy birthday in the park at the end of the school day. Many families stayed in the park afterwards. After an hour there were still about 120 people in the park.
    • We had a stall at the River Rea Heritage Trail launch event and helped on the BOSF stand at King's Heath garden show.
    • Have been attending: b:cen Selly Oak community network, Selly Oak ward committee and Selly Oak advisory board meetings.
    • Input into the new park strategy document and local priorities.
    • Mowing has been changed to grow a meadow.
    • Made two notice boards, built two sets of log steps, cut down more laurel, held a children's bug hunt and did a survey.
  2. Grants Awarded: b:cen £1139.85 and Biffaward £4994.00.
    • £20 printing costs (5p per copy). Have printed just over 100 pages since January.
    • £156.79 Historical Interpretation Panel. Almost ready to be printed, just waiting for a few more pictures.
    • £159.13 Notice boards. Spent £102.58 on materials and £4.99 on a graffiti remover spray. They were installed in October and have already needed graffiti to be removed. It was agreed that the rest of the notice board money could be spent on a laminator if necessary.
    • £803.93 Brochures. Received a quote for A4 double sided, full colour, 150gsm recycled paper and vegetable inks £375 for 4000. But we need to supply artwork. Decided to wait till play area is refurbished in March so a photo can be included. The brochures could be sent to libraries, visitor centres, etc.
    • £4994.00 for Benches, litter bins and dog bins. It was decided that it would be a good idea to treat all the items with anti graffiti paint before installation. We chose black and green cast iron benches with the dates 1905 and 2005 at the ends, two green picnic benches and black and gold litter bins.
    Black and Green Cast Iron Bench with steal slats.Green Picnic BenchBlack and Gold Litter Bin

  3. There is money for the play area to be refurbished and extended. Four playground suppliers have been asked to quote. The area is to be one third 0-5 year olds, two thirds 5-11 year olds, with a soft surface and extra swings. Once the quotes have been received will have a public consultation meeting in Raddlebarn School.
  4. Future projects:
    • Keep working on removing the laurel, plant the trees that we are already growing in our gardens and try to get hold of more hawthorn and hazel whips.
    • Have an event or work party publicised in the 'Out & About' brochure for Jan-June 2006.
    • When the current play area fence is removed we can have it to replace the old one that runs along the main path.
    • Mike Hodder might be able to help with info for the history panel.
    • Raddlebarn School are planning for the 'opening' of their new school gates, the children will do activities in the park.
    • The possibility on new tarmac paths in the park.
  5. Have not arranged a date for playground consultation meeting.
    Next work party Saturday 3rd December 11-3 to plant native trees in the dell.

Minutes 22/03/05

Present: Rob Spencer, David Williams, Sue George, Laurence George, Gilbert Butler, Joanna Randle.

Apologies: Sam Pote, Chris Hammal, Chris Rance, John Randle, Stella Price.

  1. Went over what has been achieved since the last meeting.
    • Joanna is now part of The Birmingham Open Spaces Steering Committee. The forum is wanting to support park friends groups, increase membership and produce a beginners pack detailing how to start a community group and sources of funding.
    • Oakdale have been approached on the subject of graffiti again.
    • Local timber merchant are currently deciding if they are able to give up the materials to make two notice boards. If notice boards go ahead a teacher from Raddlebarn has volunteered to paint 'Friends of Muntz Park' across the top.
    • A local historian has agreed to write the text for a history board and a sign makers has agreed to make it for us free of charge.
    • At the last work party we discovered that we have an area on Japanese Knot Weed. We will seek advise on how to deal with it.
    • We have a list of approved native trees that would like the conditions in our park: Field Maple (Acer campestre), Hazel (Corylus avellana), Hawthorn (Cratageous monogyna), Pendunculate/English Oak (Quercus robur), Sessile Oak (Quercus petraea), Elder (Sambucus nigra), Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia), Ash (Fraxinus excelsior), Holly (Ilex aquifolium), Wild Cherry (Prunus avium).
  2. The River Rea Heritage Trail Launch is at Kings Norton Playing Fields on Easter Monday 28th March. We have a table to display info about the group. We will be selling 150 ml Palms Hand cleansers for £1 with 50p going into our funds. The event is 10am-4pm.

    10.00 am Start
    10.30 am Rubber Duck Race on River Rea
    11.00 am Lord Mayor's Visit
    12 noon Rubber Duck Race on River Rea, Guided history walk (George Demidowicz) to Lifford 1hr.
    12.15 pm 'Knights training' by historical re-enactors
    1.00 pm Rubber Duck Race on River Rea
    2.00 pm Rubber Duck Race on River Rea, Guided history walk (Dr Mike Hodder) towards Wychall 1hr.
    3.00 pm Rubber Duck Race on River Rea
    4.00 pm Conclusion

  3. Centenary Picnic on 20th May will be 3.30 onwards. We will invite local residents, parents and children and teachers from both schools to bring a picnic after school on the Friday. Play some traditional games like skipping, hopscotch, rounders and skittles. There will be no charge to attend.
  4. We have wildlife/tree survey cards from Ecorecord to fill in. We need volunteers with specific knowledge to take on a particular card i.e. trees, birds, animals.
  5. Will apply for a b-cen grant (the closing date is 31st March) for new benches, bins, dog bins and printing costs for advertising the group locally.
  6. Local parents have asked for the play area to be extended and the children want undergrowth to play in.
  7. Have not arranged a date for the next meeting.

Minutes 22/02/05

Present: Rob Spencer, Chris Hammal, David Williams, Sue George, Marek Waliszewski, Laurence George, Gilbert Butler, John Randle, Joanna Randle, Stella Price.

Apologies: Sam Pote, David Peach, Chris Rance.

  1. Went over what has been achieved since the last meeting. Bench tops in play area have been replaced, the bird boxes made at Raddlebarn have been put up. We had a litter pick and borrowed a chipper so we could remove more of the laurel. Service Team have been in the park for about two weeks pruning the laurel. Some of the group have also been to other friends group events, clearing rubbish along the River Rea and Wychall Reservoir.
  2. Sue George and Chris Rance went to a council organised meeting to talk about the new Birmingham parks strategy document.
  3. For the park centenary on 20th May we have decided that we don’t have time to apply for grants for bouncy castles or face painting. So we will just invite all the children from both schools to bring a picnic after school on the Friday. Play some traditional games like skipping, hopscotch, rounders and skittles.
  4. We discussed how we would like the park to develop and what could we do to help. The main points that were decided were:
    • Cut down the remaining laurel, at the bottom of the dell.
    • Do a wildlife/tree survey this year.
    • Carry on with clearing rubbish, every February, June, October and whenever we do other supervised work.
    • Paint the play area if we are provided with equipment and supervision.
    • Continue the loop path to Gristhorpe and Umberslade Roads, with bark edged with logs if possible. Make some wooden steps (like the sort at the Lickey's) down into the dell. Perhaps a bark path around the dell.
    • Continue to ask for new benches (not in play area) and bins.
    • See if we can get local timber suppliers to give us the materials to make two notice boards, to advertise our and other local events and display information on local history and wildlife.
    • A few of us have native trees in our gardens that we will see if we can plant in the park by mid-march. There is also charity that give away native trees to other groups. Raddlebarn school received loads of free plants from them a few years ago. Stella will check if they have anything suitable. We also decided that we would get a list of suitable trees together so that we could have a go at growing our own.
  5. The next meeting is on Tuesday 22nd March 2005 at 118 Gristhorpe Road, 8pm.
    Birmingham Open Spaces next meet at the MAC on Saturday 12th March at 10.30am.
    Try to arrange a work party/start wildlife survey on 19th March.

Since the meeting:

  • We can cut down the remaining laurel, at the bottom of the dell once the birds have finished nesting.
  • There is a web site called Ecorecord which sends out free survey cards and keeps the results in their records.
  • We can’t be supervised on 19th of March and it’s too late to be putting trees in. But we can move it earlier to 5th or 6th March.
  • We’ve been invited to the launch of the new River Rea Heritage Trail on Easter Monday 28th March at Kings Norton Playing Fields.

Minutes 18/01/05

Present:Marek Waliszewski, David Peach, Darren Parkin, David Williams, Sue George, John Churchill, Laurence George, Gillbert Butler, John Randle, Joanna Randle, Chris Rance.

Apologies: Sam Pote, Rob Spencer, Chris Hammal.

  1. Everyone introduced themselves and spoke briefly about why they are interested in FMP.
  2. Joanna talked about the activities she has been involved in over the last few months, representing the park. Setting up a web site, organising a litter pick in October and 16 new trees and 30 hazel whips planted, working with Raddlebarn Primary school to plant daffodil bulbs and make bird boxes to be put in the park. Met with Simon Cooper (Area Parks Manager) to discuss any improvements they could make, new equipment, etc. Attended Birmingham Open Spaces Forum with Chris Rance.
  3. Constitution was read and agreed, nominations were taken for committee members. The committee for this year is:
    • Chair : Joanna Randle
    • Secretary : Sue George
    • Treasurer : Chris Rance
    • Other Members : Sam Pote/Rob Spencer, Chris Hammal, Marek Waliszewski, David Williams, John Churchill, Gillbert Butler, Laurence George, John Randle.
  4. We decided to not have a membership fee, and only open a bank account if we apply for any grants or receive any donations.
  5. The next meeting is on Tuesday 22nd February 2005 at 118 Gristhorpe Road, 8pm.
    • The next event is a litter pick on Saturday 12th February 2005 1-3pm.
    • Birmingham Open Spaces next meet at the MAC on Saturday 12th March at 10.30am.
    • There is a conservation work party on Saturday 22nd of January 2005 for the River Rea meeting at Hazelwell Road, Stirchley at 11am.
  6. We talked about how to celebrate the parks centenary in May 2005, and whether we can get a grant. Contact local press to advertise this event. We will talk more about this at the next meeting.
  7. We discussed how we would like the park to develop and what could we do to help. The main points that were decided were:
    • Cut down laurel, replace over time with less dense native shrubbery e.g. Hazel. Have a work party to do this look at using a shredder and chain saw. Turn the dell into a nature area, encouraging wildlife, hoping to create a meadow area with mown grass paths. Create a bird feeding station.
    • Carry on with clearing rubbish, every February, June and October. Find out what the current contract is for cleaning the park.
    • Paint the play area if we are provided with equipment.
    • Talked about the possibility of exchanging manpower for equipment.
    • Have the loop path continued to Gristhorpe and Umberslade Roads.
    • New benches and bins. Have notice boards to advertise our and other local events and display information on local history and wildlife.
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